For investors


Our mission is to achieve an innovative breakthrough and become the world’s first environmentally responsible producer of an affordable fuel – hydrogen.

For investors

Depths Energy JSC is a unique innovative startup developing hydrogen sulfide processing based on the latest Russian developments in order to produce a promising type of fuel – hydrogen.
The company’s strategic objective is to conduct a series of experiments and research in the natural environment and to build the world’s first production facility to derive hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide as an affordable fuel. We plan to become future leaders in Russian hydrogen energy.

The company assumes full responsibility for the environmental friendliness of its work. We will work in the Black Sea basin where the deep water layers contained high amounts of hydrogen sulfide. The unique technologies that we use will make it possible not only to maintain the ecological balance, but also to reduce the risk from natural water contamination processes as a result of climate change.

At its start, the project was implemented at the expense of private investors. However, the company is open to investments and guarantees complete transparency and information disclosure for shareholders. In order earn the complete trust of its investors, the company plans to conduct a quarterly internal and an annual external audit of its financial activities.